Backgammon Club
Tournament Formats

Three Round KO

This format ensures that everyone will always be playing for something meaningful throughout the evening championship points and (optionally) pool money.  It will be played on all but the first and fifth Tuesdays of each month.

In addition players will be able to arrive late and play in at least some of the knock outs. 
Players can also leave early (without disrupting the competition) if they feel that their luck is not too good that evening.

The evening will start at 19.30 with players being drawn at random into 8 player 5 point KO groups.  
If the final group is incomplete it will be filled up by early losers and late arrivals. 

Once the final 5 point KO group is full, losers and latecomers can play in 8 player 3 point KOs up until 21.10.

After 21.10, when the final three point KO group is full, players may enter 8 player 1 point KOs up until 22.10 when no more KO groups will be started.

In all groups there will be optional prize pools - 5 for the evening. 
Players who lose early in the 5 point KO and re-enter the 5 point KO will get free re-entry. 
5 every week will be taken from the prize pool for annual prizes and trophies.

The default for the pool money for KOs is winner takes all.  However, the finalists may come to some other arrangement if they wish.

Championship points will be awarded as follows

5 point winner  3 points
5 point second 2 points
3 point winner  2 points
3 point second 1 point
1 point winner  1 point

Championship points will accumulate throughout the year with the player gaining the most being awarded the Club Championship Trophy.
Prize money will also be awarded to at least the top three places.

One Point Evenings

This format is especially suitable for newcomers to the club who have not played tournament backgammon.

A 1 point tournament is run on the first Tuesday that the club meets each month.

Entrants will be placed into groups of no more than 12 players.  If 12 or fewer players enter there will be a single tournament.
If more than 12 players enter the top two/three from each group will contest a six player all play all final, the rest a consolation (all play all or 1 point KO).

Championship points will be awarded as follows.

If there are 12 or fewer entrants 4 for the winner down to 1 for fourth, fifth and sixth place. 
If there are more than 12 entrants, for the qualifying groups 1 for the top two qualifiers, for the final 4 for first down to 1 for fourth place.  In the consolation event the winner will get 2 points and the runner-up 1 point.

In a one point tournament a normal win is worth one point, a gammon or backgammon two points.  A normal loss gets half a point, losing a backgammon or gammon gets no points.

Ties are broken by 1) Number of backgammons and gammons combined 2) Head to head result

If there is a three (or more) way tie that cannot be broken by the above, then:

1) If the tie is for championship points and the points can be shared between the players without using fractions, then the points are shared between the players.  e.g. a three way tie for 3,2,1 points each player gets 2 points.  If fractions are involved then all the players get an equal number of points, rounded up or down to the nearest whole number, rounding up for half points.   Examples:- a three way tie for 1,0,0 points all the players get 1 point, a four way tie for 2,1,0,0 points all the players get 1 point, a four way tie for 4,3,2,1 points, all the players get 3 points.

2) Otherwise, if for a qualification place, the scores of the tied players against each other are compared (including any gammons scored between the tied players).  If the tie still cannot be split, then the players roll dice.

Fifth Tuesday

On the fifth Tuesday of a month various formats of tournament will be played.  Championdhip points will not be awarded on these evenings.

11 Point KO

An 11 point KO tournament will be run throughout the year entry is 5.  The prize money will be split between the winner, runner up and semi-finalists.
Championship points are not awarded for this tournament.