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2017 Awards
Club Championship

Club Championship Ian Shimwell presenter to joint winners
Kevin Jones and Jon Wilkinson with George Hall third
11 point KO

11 point Knock Out Semi-finalist Gregge Madan and Irving Czechowicz,
Winner Samya Abdullah with Ian Shimwell
Ian Shimwell, founder member of the club, presented trophies and prizes on 19th December.  Kevin Jones and Jon Wilkinson finished joint winners in the year long championship, with George Hall third.  This is Jon's first win in the event, having finished second to Kevin in the past three years.  Samya Abdullah beat Brian Lever in the final of the 11 point KO the previious week.

Kevin Jones 88
Jon Wilkinson 88
George Hall 69
Ian Gray 65
Bob Slater 63
Peter Snape 55
Gregge Madan 51
Abdollah Ahmadi 44
Irving Czechowicz 44
Ian Vaughan 42
Richard Coburn 39
Aysel Naim 39
Samya Abdullah 38
Paul Garlick 38
Rodney Lighton 37
Mark Calderbank 24
Fanika Petkovska 24
Andrew Smith 15
Ana Mancino 13
Andy Marshall 12
Ian Haworth 10
David Phillips 8
Christoph Deiter 5
Simon Cocking 4
Mate Feher 3
Andrew Gibson 3
Paul Thompson 3
Maurice Ekpenyong 2
Mark Levy 2
Ian Shimwell 2
David Wright 2
Barbara Knowles 1
John Wright 1

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Manchester Open
Click here to read Gregge Madan's report of the tournament held on 10-12th November.

UK Club Championship at St Neots 12th August
The Manchester team of Rachel Rhodes, CJ Uttley, Aysel Naim, Ian Gray and Ian Vaughan played group matches against Lowestoft, St. Albans A, Worcester Sorcerers (surely the best team name) and Holland Park.  Sadly the team did not progress, with just one win, and were then sent to (play) Coventry, to be knocked out of the Consolation for an early finish.
Notably, CJ won all her matches in the Main.

Blackpool Tournament
Blackpool Winners
Brian Lever and Andrew Smith
Winners of the Fylde Trophy and Washington Cup respectively
at Blackpool on 10-11th June

One Day Tournament 26th March
The 15th annual Manchester tournament was held at Manchester Bridge Club.  Kevin Jones is now the only player who has played in all the events.  The clash with Mother's day seemed to cause some entrants difficulties, but we managed to find some last minute reserves to replace cancellations and 56 entrants sat down to play.  The usual format was a qualifying afternoon of five five point matches with the top sixteen qualifying for the Main final and the rest for the consolation.

The Main final was, for the first time ever, an all Manchester contest.  Mark Calderbank emerged victorious beating Kevin Jones.  Kevin has now lost the Manchester final three times, but will doubtless triumph one day. The consolation was won by last year's Last Chance winner Ana Mancino in another Manchester final against John Ross.  The Last Chance went to CJ Uttley who beat Ian Turner  In the one point event Steve Fowles won against Ian Vaughan.

Thanks to Bridget and Lorraine for lunch and tea buffets respectively.  Thanks to Kevin Jones for directing on the day.  Also to Annette Jones for scoring and Rodney and Lorraine Lighton for administration, to club members for helping set up the room and clearing up and to Manchester Bridge club for hosting the event.

Last Chance
One pointer
Mark Calderbank
Ana Mancino
CJ Uttley
Steve Fowles
Kevin Jones
John Ross
Ian Turner
Ian Vaughan
Rachel Rhodes
Alexander Polden
Saul Brody
Richard Biddle

Tim Brown
David Phillips
George Hall
Saul Brody
Simon Jones
Peter Snape
Christian Cozos
Mike Wood

Andreas Sophocleus
Abdollah Ahmadi
Rob Perry
Brian Lever

Martyn Hamer
Ian Shimwell
Ian Gray
Kevin Jones

Richard Coburn
Steve Lee
Radu Ciortan
Peter Chan


Main: Mark Calderbank and Kevin Jones

Consolation: Ana Mancino and John Ross
Last Chance

Last Chance: CJ Uttley and Ian Turner
One Point

One Point: Ian Vaughan and Steve Fowles