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Latest News and Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events

Martin Braid Memorial
Saturday 25th April - Swiss Pivot Teams at Manchester Bridge Club
See the MBC Web Site for more details

Regional Improver Pairs
The Northern Counties are organising a cross-county Improvers Pairs Competition. The final is to be held in 4 centres.
This is the first event of its kind and we are hoping to get as many clubs as possible to participate.
Click here for more details

EBU Events
Click here for the EBU calendar

Click here for the Manchester Handbook
Cumbria Congress
Congratulations to Bill and Joyce White who won the Swiss Teams at the Cumbria Congress with Tim and Babs Matthews on Sunday 22nd March.

Portland Pairs
Nearly 440 pairs competed over the country in the National Mixed Pairs on Sunday 2nd March.  Congratulations to highest place Manchester pair Joy and Irving Blakey at 13th just ahead of John Holland playing with Pat Davies of Wiltshire.  Millie Jones was 25th with John Atthey and Eve Lighthill and Ian Kane were 31st.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

National Pairs
Congratulations to Tony Coley and John Holland who have qualified for the National Pairs final in April by finishing seventh in the Northern Pairs at Bradford on Sunday 15th March.

League Update (20th March)
In Division 1 Grasshoppers (Alec Smalley) are 16 ahead of St Titus with both teams having a match against Bare Bones to play.  Bare Bones (with four to play), Agamemnon (25 behind Grasshoppers with one to play) and  Isolated Menaces (two to play) could, in theory, still win.  Last year's champions Curry Eaters are now in the relegation zone.  In division 2 DASH (Ken Hassell) have the best average well ahead of North Star. In Division 3 Sedgely (Bernard Kaye) have won the division with a fine average of 23 VPs.  In division 4 Manchester A (Ray Ashleigh) have a good lead with three matches to play.  Division 5 is very close;  Davenport (Derek Bailey) have taken the lead while the previous leaders Trafford Tigers (Jean Santo) have dropped to sixth but the top seven teams are all in contention.  In division 6 Enigmas (Heather Saunders) now lead ahead of Overtrick Lunatics.  In division 7 3 Reds and a Rebel (Annie Curtis) are almost assured of promotion having completed their matches.

Silver Plate
Congratulations to Gary Hyett who has won the 2014 Silver plate with Graeme Robertson, Dan Crofts and Andrew Thompson.

Mersey Green Point Teams
In the Merseyside Swiss Teams on Sunday 8th March congratulations to Bill and Joyce White who won with Babs Matthews and John Farmer of Cumbria.
Full results are on the Merseyside web site.

Green Point Pairs
The annual EBU/MCBA Green Point Pairs was held at Altrincham on Saturday 7th March.  As usual the event was full and everyone had an enjoyable time.  Thanks to Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield for organising and to David Stevenson and Joan Lewis for directing as well as other helpers from the MCBA.

Winners by a large margin were Alan Nelson and Jeff Smith with Peter Kauffman and Chris Pope of Merseyside in second place again well ahead of third.  Congratulations to Stephen Ward and Chris Hine who came third belying their Intermediate status.  Rodney Lighton and John Currie won their last match 20-0 and leaped a large number of places to finish fourth.  More detailed results are on the Altrincham and Manchester Bridge Club web sites.

The player of the year spreadsheet has now been updated, John Currie has increased his lead over Alan Mould to two points and Alan is now two points ahead of Michael Byrne with several other players close behind.

          Jeff Smith & Alan Nelson                       112  4.00
  2         Peter Kaufmann & Chris Pope                    103  2.82
  3    N    Stephen Ward & Chris Hine                       95  2.56
  4         Rodney Lighton & John Currie                    93  2.11
  5=        Michael Newman & Alan Mould                     90  2.24
  5=        Tracy Capal & Paddy Murphy                      90  2.12
  7         Patricia Burrows & Michael Byrne                89  1.74
  8         Craig Fisher & Peter Jones                      88  1.37
  9         Ken Hassell & Ian Kane                          86  1.38
 10    N    Gwen Beattie & Peter Jackson                    85  1.00
 11=        Jeff Morris & Kath Nelson                       79  1.25
 11=        Gordon Bickley & Ann Farquhar                   79  1.25
 13         John Ashworth & Catherine Ashworth              78  1.00
 14=        Stu Matthews & Mark Weeks                       77  1.13
 14=        Peter Foster & Boris Ewart                      77  0.88
 16=        Rhona Goldenfield & Bernard Goldenfield         76  1.00
 16=        Eve Lighthill & Sidney Travers                  76  0.88
 18=        Nick Woodcock & Sue Woodcock                    75  1.00
 18=        Irene Bowers & Wynn Sutherland                  75  1.00
 18=        Pauline Lang & Rod Franks                       75  0.88
 21         Babs Matthews & John Farmer                     74  1.01
 22=        Mohammed Jabbar & Mariam Jabbar                 73  0.75
 22=        Bill White & Joyce White                        73  0.75
 24         Peter Richmond & Roger Allison                  72  1.00
 25=        Angela Parkinson & Ray Ashleigh                 71  1.00
 25=   N    Michael Wymer & James Sheppard                  71  1.00
 27=        Tony Hodgson & Eddie Thornton-Chan              70  1.00
 27=        Julian Merrill & John Hampson                   70  0.75
 29         Max Richman & Sandra Richman                    69  0.50
 30         Trevor Hails & Chris Ryall                      66  0.75
 31=        Gillian Whyte & John Holland                    65  0.75
 31=        Kevin Higgins & Richard Sinton                  65  0.63
 33=        Gordon Rice & Stefan Bielecki                   64  0.88
 33=        Barbara Lewis & Alec Smalley                    64  0.50
 33=        David Pennington & Bob Cooke                    64  0.50
 36         Liz Wattleworth & Bill Wattleworth              63  1.00
 37         John Morrell & Marianne Farr                    62  1.00
 38         Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill                       61  0.75
 39         Roger Waddington & Bernard Kaye                 60  0.50
 40         Steve Mattinson & Tony Coley                    58  0.75
 41    N    Karen Sandler & Vivienne Newgrosh               56  0.75
 42    N    Haidee Tattersall & Andy Green                  55  0.88
 43    N    George Leigh & Sally Bray                       54  0.63
 44=        Celia Comrie & Kevin Comrie                     52  0.38
 44=   N    Adam Wiseberg & Jonathan Engler                 52  0.38
 46         Irene Davies & Gillian McMullan                 51  0.50
 47    N    John Browning & Jean Bryan                      43  0.38
 48         Martin Thorne & Margaret Howe                   37  0.25
 49    N    Pat Dunningham & Peter Horn                     34  0.50
 50    N    Barbara Eastabrook & Karen Jones                31  0.25


Winners Jeff Smith and Alan Nelson with Bob Cooke MCBA Chairman

Third Chris Hine and Stephen Ward


Fourth John Currie and Rodney Lighton


Fifth equal Paddy Murphy, Tracy Capal, Michael Newman and Alan Mould

Intermediate Prize Peter Jackson and Gwen Beattie

Improvers Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield

Congratulations to the Division 5 team Spinning Tops (Howard Rosemarine, Adrian Shiers, Jonathan Berg, Jeffrey Bor, David Marks) who have beaten Tempo (Division 2) to reach the semi-finals of the Goldstone Trophy.  All the quarter finals are now complete.  St Titus (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rodney Lighton, John Holland, Alan Mould, Gary Hyett) play Manchester S (Peter Jones, Craig Fisher, Kevin Comrie, Celia Comrie) and Jeff Morris (John Hassett, Rhona Goldenfield, Ollie Burgess) play Spinning Tops

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