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Upcoming Events

Manchester Congress 2015
Next year's congress will be a week later on 10-11th January at the same venue - Victoria and Albert Hotel.

EBU Events
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Seniors Trials
The trials for the Senior Camrose took place from 19-21st December at Solihull.  There were six teams playing an all play all format.  The Hackett team (John Holland/Gunnar Hallberg, Paul Hackett, David Mossop, David Price/Colin Simpson) finished fifth.

Peebles Congress
Congratulations to Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield who won the Swiss Pairs at Scotland's main congress on 13-14th December.

League Update (15th Dec)
The league season is now near its half way stage (in time, if not by number of matches played).  The first division is still a league of two halves with the top five teams well ahead of the bottom six.  Grasshoppers (Alec Smalley) and Isolated Menaces (Rhona Goldenfield) are leading with an average of 25.25, but with only two out of ten matches between the top five teams having been played positions could change dramatically.  In division 2 DASH (Ken Hassell) have the best average, but the lead is not substantial.  Division 3 is similar to 2 where Sedgely (Bernard Kaye) lead.  In division 4 the early leaders Skaters (Karen Sandler) have been caught by Manchester A (Ray Ashleigh).  Division 5 sees Spinning Tops (Ron Lowe)  in top spot, but they have only played one match, second placed Chorlton Challengers (Bev Pardoe) have the best average of those who have played a substantial number of matches.  In division 6 Overtrick Lunatics (Faye Georgiou)  lead by a good margin but have only played two matches.  Division 7 was led by Bombay Sapphires (Jo Gardiner), but a 30-0 loss to 3 Reds and a Rebel (Annie Curtis) has left the latter team in top spot.

Gold Cup Finals
The finals of the Gold Cup took place on 13-14th Dec. at Solihull.  Manchester interest was confined to John Holland who played for the Gillis team against McIntosh in the semi-finals on Saturday and Alan Mould who played for the Mason team against Allfrey.
In the semi-finals Alan Mould's team did very well to only lose by 6 IMPs to Allfrey, the winner for three consecutive years now.  The other match was a comfortable win for McIntosh, so there were no Manchester players in the final.

Northern League
Following on from the council meeting in October, Barbara Lewis polled players to get their views as to whether Manchester should continue to enter two teams in the A division of the Northern League.
47 people responded, mainly from the A and B pools, all except one played this year in NBL matches.  31 voted to continue with two A teams, 9 were in favour of only one A team and seven people expressed no preference.

Tollemache Final
The Manchester team for the Tollemache final at West Bromwich on Feb 14-15th will be John Hassett/Jeff Morris, Gary Hyett/Ollie Burgess, Michael Byrne/Michael Newman, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater npc Alan Mould.  This is essentially the same team which qualified in November, without John Holland who is unavailable.  Good luck to the team.

Ben Franks Trophy
Manchester's pairs event which qualifies for the Corwen Trophy was held at Manchester Bridge Club on Sunday 7th December.
After the first session Alan Mould and Michael Newman led by a small margin from Gary Hyett and Peter Carey-Yard.  These two pairs maintained their positions at the top after session 2 and with Pat Burrows and Paul Worswick and Raymond Semp and Ken Hassell finishing third and fourth respectively to qualify for the Corwen.  The intermediate prize (NGS Jack and below) went to Jim O'Neill and Chris Baker.
Thanks to Joan Lewis for directing and to Irene Davies and helpers for organising.

  1  Alan Mould & Michael Newman               61.25
  2  Gary Hyett & Peter Carey-Yard             59.76
  3  Patricia Burrows & Paul Worswick          57.19
  4  Raymond Semp & Kenneth Hassell            56.76
  5  Ollie Burgess & Millie Jones              55.75
  6  Ben Beever & Eddie Thornton-Chan          54.37
  7  Nicholas Greer & Ross Allen               54.07
  8  Tracy Capal & Paddy Murphy                53.50
  9  Kath Nelson & John Currie                 51.89
 10  David Pennington & Rod Franks             50.41
 11  John Roberts & Peter Foster               50.31
 12  Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield   49.73
 13  Jeff Morris & John Hassett                49.10
 14  Jim O'Neill & Chris Baker                 48.73
 15  Gillian McMullan & Roger Hopton           48.51
 16  David Matthews & Ann Thornton             48.10
 17  Alec Smalley & Barbara Lewis              47.12
 18  Alan Nelson & Sidney Travers              46.96
 19  Rodney Lighton & Neil Thomas              46.56
 20  Mohammed Jabbar & Mariam Jabbar           45.77
 21  Enid Noronha & Ray Hill                   43.36
 22  Peter Greaves & Brenda Greaves            42.27
 23  Karen Reissmann & Irene Davies            41.85
 24  Angela Parkinson & Wendy Burton           37.11


Winners Alan Mould and Michael Newman

Second  Peter Carey-Yard and Gary Hyett

Session 1 Irene Davies with Eddie Thornton-Chan (Ben Beever missing)

Session 2 Paul Worswick and Pat Burrows

Intermediate Chris Baker and Jim O'Neill

Director Joan Lewis

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