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Latest News and Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events
Green Point Swiss Pairs
Saturday 4th March 2017
Early entry advised
Click here for more details and entry form
Intermediate Swiss Pairs
Sunday 9th April 2017

More details to follow
Cantor Cup
Sunday 26th February 2017
Manchester Bridge Club
This event is for Novices and Inexperienced Duplicate Players
Click here for more details and entry form
EBU Events
Ollie's Workshops
Sunday 22nd and Sunday 29th January at 2.30pm
at Manchester Bridge Club
Click here for details and forward dates

Deal of the Week
Jan 2017
4th 6C Bid and play
11th Congress Slam

Dec 2016
7th Slam in fourth suit
14th Beer card
21st Xmas puzzle
28th New Year puzzle

Nov 2016
2nd Direct Route
 9th More suit plays
16th Don't give up
23rd Bid and play
30th Psyche
Oct 2016

12th Duplication
19th Defensive unblock
26th Endplay

Sep 2016
7th Pairs Defence
14th Psychology
21st Poor bridge
28th Unblocking

Aug 2016
3rd Trump End Play
10th Slam Lead
17th 800
24th 1100
31st 3NT with 4-4 fit
July 2016
6th Welsh Bridge
13th Llandudno
20th 6NT play
27th En passant

June 2016
1st Slam Try
8th  University Bridge
15th Tuesday Bridge
22nd Pachabo overtrick
29th Slam play
May 2016
4th Long sequence
11th RKCB with void
18th More RKCB
25th IMP Pairs

Apr 2016
6th Sixteen point game
13th Easter bridge
20th Four-Three fit
27th Six-Six hand

Mar 2016
2nd Inferences and end play 9th  Make the overtrick 16th A lead problem
23rd Two suit plays
30th The wrong slam
Feb 2016
3rd Simple technique 10th Six, five, come alive 17th Which small card? 24th The dark blue card
Jan 2016
6th Which game? 13th The last guess 20th Nine card suit 27th An intricate sequence
Dec 2015
2nd Precarious trumps 9th  Classy sequence 16th Distribution inference 23rd Cheadle cross ruff
Nov 2015
4th Endplay choice 11th Spooky bridge 18th Third round control 25th Surprise gain
Oct 2015
7th A direct route 14th Breaking Blackwood rules 21st Crockfords slams 28th Textbook deal
Sep 2015
2nd 8410 hands 9th  A suit combination 16th A critical defence 23rd Premier League in Manchester 30th Which squeeze
Aug 2015

26th Choice of slams  

Tollemache Final
The selection committee has picked the following team for the inter counties team of eight final in Solihull on February 11th & 12th.

Michael Byrne & Michael Newman, Andrew Woodcock & Catherine Draper, John Holland & Alan Mould (playing captain), Alec Smalley & Tom Slater.

Simultaneous Pairs
Congratulations to Ken Hassell and Ian Kane who scored 73.58% playing at Marple Bridge Club and finished first nationally for the sixth time in one of these events.
Full results are on the EBU web site.

Manchester Congress
With 73 entries for the pairs and 38 for the teams this was the best attended congress for several years.  Everyone enjoyed a friendly and lively event.
Result of the weekend was achieved by Barbara Moore and Lindsey Cuff, who play in division five of the Manchester League.  They finished third in the pairs event ahead of many international players.
Congratulations to Andrew Woodcock and David Debbage winners of the pairs; Gary Hyett, Bill Hirst, Ben Norton and Sam Behrens teams winners.
Thanks to Irene Davies and her large team of volunteers and the directors for all their hard work.
Results are on the Manchester Bridge Club web site click here

For Pairs ranking click here

For Teams results click here

Michael Byrne's quiz was won by Mike Wood with Ross Allen second.  Click here for more results and quiz answers.
Raymond Semp's quiz was won by Ross Allen with Toby Nonnenmacher second.

Player of the year points have been added.  John Holland has increased his lead in the expert category ahead of Alan Mould now. 
In the Intermediate category Sally Bray and Judith Dunkerley are joint leaders just ahead of Adam Wiseberg.

Players Progress Cup (Saturday)

1 8
John Banbury & George Falzon
132 210 62.86
2 13
Stephen Harlow & Gill Page
131 210 62.38
3 6
Richard Mallard & Reba Bhaduri
143 240 59.58
4 2
Pat & Bernard Shea
141 240 58.75
5 11
Ann Morris & Adam Wiseberg
109 210 51.90
6 12
Geoff Densham & Hazel Powell
107 210 50.95
7 3
Annie Curtis & Susan Braid
112 240 46.67
8 7
Graham Hobbs & Johanna Keane
97 210 46.19
9 5
Mike & Ann Wood
110 240 45.83
10 10
Mark Saperia & Malcolm Allum
94 210 44.76
11= 9
Pam Hegarty & Barbara Scholes
85 210 40.48
11= 14
David Rigby & Leila Glancy
85 210 40.48
13 4
Helen Armstrong & Paul Collins
94 240 39.17

Kevin Comrie Cup (Sunday)

Pos No Players Match
Tops Score
1 13
Peter Butterworth & Elaine Preece
197.00 308 63.96 36
2 1
Peter Collinson & Kate Durham
199.86 336 59.48 30
3 8
Lisa Czyniewska & Rak Kapur
193.10 336 57.47 24
4 3
Pat & Bernard Shea
190.38 336 56.66 18
5 10
Andrea Mills & David Welsh
160.86 294 54.71 12
6 6
Jan Bailey & Sheila Cornwell
182.86 336 54.42 6
7 2
Annie Curtis & Jackie Lowrie
178.95 336 53.26  
8 12
Adele Hodari & Suzanne Beckett
161.52 308 52.44  
9 4
Sue Jones & Carol Straffon
172.86 336 51.45  
10 14
Don Walton & Peter Allison
156.57 308 50.83  
11 11
Mike & Ann Wood
140.43 294 47.77  
12 16
Barbara Herring & Jane McGruer
130.43 280 46.58  
13 7
Stephen Fernley & Vera Lowson
148.00 322 45.96  
14 5
Sheila Wimbleton & Christine Richardson
139.48 336 41.51  
15 15
Stephen Harlow & Gill Page
115.05 294 39.13  
16 17
Anna & Colin Wardale
103.76 294 35.29  
17 18
Judith Eva & Pat Turner
102.90 294 35.00  


Kevin Comrie Cup Winners
Peter Butterworth (Kevin Comrie) Elaine Preece

Kevin Comrie Cup Second
Kate Durham and Peter Collinson


Kevin Comrie Cup Third
Lisa Czyniewska and Rak Kapur

Kevin Comrie Cup Fourth
Pat and Bernard Shea


Players Progress Cup Winners
(Ann Thornton) John Banbury and George Falzon

Players Progress Cup Second
Stephen Harlow and Gill Page


Players Progress Cup Third
Reba Bhaduri and Richard Mallard


Players Progress Cup Fourth
Bernard and Pat Shea


Pairs winners Andrew Woodcock (Justin Hackett) and Dave Debbage

Third and Ladies Pairs Barbara Moore and Lindsey Cuff


Fourth in Pairs Alan Mould and John Holland

Mixed Pairs Barry Myers and Sally Brock


Intermediate Pairs Ross Allen and Phillip Taylor

Int 2nd

Second in Intermediate category Susan Triggs and Graham Winn
Session 1

First session Rod Franks and Mel Pelham

sess 2

Second session Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield

Ascenders John Hassett and Bill Hirst


Teams Winners Gary Hyett, Ben Norton, Sam Behrens and Bill Hirst
a second

Teams second Barry Myers, Sally Brock, Rodney Lighton and John Currie


Teams Third Bernard Goldenfield, Jeff Morris, Rhona Goldenfield
 (Sally Brock) John Hassett
B teams

Teams B Final Peter Green, Stephen Ward, Christopher Hines
Missing Michael Wymer

C teams

Teams C Final Alan Mould, John Holland (Also Jackie Pye, Richard Bowdery)

Quiz winners

Raymond Semp's Quiz winner Ross Allen
Quiz 2nd

Raymond Semp's Quiz second Toby Nonnenmacher

Gold Cup Upset
Congratulations to Raymond Semp's team (Toby Nonnenmacher, Jeff Smith and Alan Nelson) who beat Brian Senior's number seven seeded team in a third round Gold Cup match at Manchester Bridge Club on Friday 6th Jan.

League Update (1st Jan)
In division one Mouldy Mutton Tours (Adrian Kenworthy) are well ahead of Grasshoppers (Alec Smalley) but most teams still have more than half their matches to play. In division two last year's relegated teams The North Star (Mike Hart) and Team Mayhem (Neil Thomas) are leading both having played seven of their nine matches.  In division three Smash the System (Irene Davies) have won four out of four with a VP average of 24.5, Bank (Nigel Pearce) have started with three good wins.  In division four Manchester A (Ray Ashleigh) are leading, but it is all very close at the moment.   In division five The Four Dummies (Karen Jones) have started well with three wins.  In division six (Adam Wiseberg), Pack Choice (Christine Barrowclough) and Double Trouble (John Berry) have all started well.  School of Slamwich, the University team captained by Henry Bissell and Jems (Peter Elton) are both averaging 25 VPs per match in division seven.

Blackpool Year End Congress
John Holland and Alan Mould won the Swiss Pairs on 28-29th December with overnight leaders Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield finishing fourth.  In fifth place were Kevin Higgins and Richard Acaster who also won the B category prize.
In the Swiss Teams on December 30th Peter Jones was second with
Paddy Murphy, Liz Commins and David Stevenson.  Third and category B winners were Janet Tolan, Andy Green, Michael Wymer and Stephen Ward.  Haidee Tattersall won the C category of the teams with Olwen Renowden, Edward Jones and John Councer.
Congratulations to all, full results are on the EBU web site.

Goldstone Upset
Congratulations to The Four Dummies (Karen Jones, Lillian Syme, Barbara Eastabrook, Judy Yates) from division five who have beaten Tricksters from division two to set up a quarter final match against Michael Byrne's St Titus team.

Seniors and Juniors
Seniors Trials took place at the West Midlands Bridge Club on 17-18th December.  John Holland and Paul Hackett were in the team which finished second.
Junior teams played in the Channel Trophy in London from 16th-18th December.  Manchester's Alex Birchall was in the Under 26 team and Michael Byrne was npc for the U21s.  All the junior teams finished second in their respective events.  Results are on the EBU web site.

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